Remote Coaching + Custom Program Design

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Initial Consultation

We will have a FREE 1-hour, face-to-face video interview to discuss your history, goals, strengths, and limitations. I will also ask you to submit a few photos/videos of critical movements and positions.

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Individual Program Design

After I understand your movement patterns, lifestyle factors, and limitations, I will design a completely individualized program to meet your goals, target your limitations, and advance your health and fitness journey.

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Monthly Consultation

We will follow up monthly via 1-hour video chats to monitor your progress and develop a closer relationship. In addition to your daily program we will delve deeper into your sleep, recovery, nutrition, stress, and lifestyle factors that affect your fitness progress.

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On-Going Support

We will maintain frequent communication to make any tweaks necessary for you to achieve optimal results and maintain your excitement and commitment to the program.I am more than a programmer and coach. I am your ally and partner on your health and fitness journey.



Free Initial Consultation: Let's chat to discuss your goals and see if we're a match. I'm confident that I can help you move forward, but no pressure to work with me after we speak. Please get in touch.


Let's Work Together

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