Coach Justin Lind
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Kettlebell and Gymnastics Workshops

Personal Remote Coaching 

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Hi, I’m Justin…

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I coach, teach, and write while traveling full-time.

I offer remote coaching for anyone seeking to move their fitness journey forward.

I teach workshops about kettlebell training and gymnastics.

I love to write and create videos to share what I can. Here's a link to my all of my fitness articles and videos.

I’ve built Inspired Human Development with my philosophical brother to live a meaningful life in all ways beyond your health and fitness.

I also share my travel experiences and thoughts on living a meaningful life over at

Personal Coaching


Remote Coaching + Custom Program Design

Individual program and coaching to DRIVE YOUR MOVEMENT PRACTICE FORWARD

I work with athletes of all goals but specialize in kettlebell training and gymnastics/bodyweight movements. Let's work together to move your fitness journey forward.

With his curious, analytical mind and disciplined self practice, you can’t help but perform better at whatever it is he is coaching.
— Jennifer Charrett


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Workshops for athletes and coaches

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Gymnastics Workshops

Gymnastics Workshops

Workshops on all things gymnastics: handstands, ring strength, bar work, pistols, mobility and flexibility. Workshops ranging from 1-hour to full-day. Mix and match the topics of your choice or choose one of the popular options.

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Kettlebell Workshops

Kettlebell Workshops

Workshops both for athletes to hone their kettlebell skills and coaches seeking to deepen their abilities to teach kettlebell movements. All workshops include a handout outlining the finer points of the fundamental movements.

The trainers are all displaying a higher energy and enthusiasm since your session and that’s all down to your presentation, knowledge and professionalism, great job!
— Ian Clarke, Group Personal Training Manager, Habit NZ

About Justin

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My approach to optimal health and fitness stands on a commitment to freedom, fun, and exploration. The deepest physical learning comes from self-discovery and understanding the sensation of a given movement. Both my workshops and private coaching offer guidance to create fertile ground that enables and encourages your personal growth.

By committing to a movement practice we can develop a deep awareness of our physical body. Understanding ourselves physically provides a gateway and blueprint to introspection and growth in all other areas of our life. I truly believe that movement can change the world.

When I'm not coaching, teaching, writing (or drafting highly esoteric bios about my coaching philosophy), I love to cook, read, skateboard, surf, slack line, and enjoy just about every other imaginable way of getting outside and exploring new ways to move. I also prioritize my love for travel by living a completely nomadic lifestyle. Find me on Instagram  or check out my personal site to follow my travels. I'd love to meet you along the way.

Here is my full bio. I encourage you to check out my work on Inspired Human Development, subscribe to my personal blog, find me on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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