Kettlebell Workshops

The single most valuable tool to any fitness regime. Kettlebells offer the most "bang for your buck" in cost, time, training stimulus, and FUN.

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Workshop Options:

  • 1-hour, 2-hour, Half Day, and Full Day on the subject matter of your choosing

  • For Coaches: Focused on teaching progressions, corrections, and programming
  • For Athletes: Focused on mastering the movements

Structure and Philosophy:

  • Sensational Learning: Teaching queues and drills designed to create the proper sensations for the movement. HEARING IT is great, SEEING IT is better, FEELING IT is when it really sticks.

  • Partner Coaching: Observing, coaching, and correcting really drives home the movements for both coaches and athletes.

Topics Available


Swinging Movements:

  • Kettlebell Swing
  • Single-Arm Swing
  • Clean
  • Snatch

Overhead Strength and Stability:

  • Turkish Get-Up
  • Press
  • Bent Press
  • Bottoms-Up Press
  • Windmill


Methods to use the kettlebell to improve overhead, thoracic, hip, and hamstring mobility

All workshops include a detailed handout outlining the points of performance and teaching progressions.

Craft the workshop of your choice or book one of the popular options:

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Kettlebell Foundations

A 2-hour dive into: the kettlebell swing, single-arm swing, Turkish get-up, and the press.

A perfect introductory workshop for athletes seeking to become more smooth and proficient with a kettlebell. The most popular coach's workshop for those seeking more refined methods to teaching kettlebell movements.

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Overhead Strength and Stability

A 2-hour session on all things overhead: Turkish get-up, press, windmill, bent press, and many other accessory exercises to develop strong and stable shoulders.

Not only focused on strength, this workshop focuses on how to develop a bomb-proof shoulders and overhead position. It is perhaps the most broadly beneficial to all other areas of training.

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Half-Day Workshop

A 3-4 hour in-depth dive into many topics. The most popular option is the Kettlebell Foundations workshop but including more technical swinging variations such as the clean and snatch, or other skills such as the pistol squat or gymnastics.

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Full-Day Workshop

A 6-hour workshop to delve deep into all Kettlebell Foundations, all the Overhead Strength and Stability movements, several other accessory or gymnastics skill, and finishes with a group workout.

Don't see exactly what you want?

No problem, I mix and match topics all the time. Get in touch about customizing your workshop of choice. Also check out my gymnastics workshops.

Please get in touch to inquire or book a workshop


  • 2-Hour - $60/person
  • Half-Day - $100/person
  • Full-Day - $130/person

Facility owners receive 15% of all registration costs and 2 free spots for hosting.

Flat-rates available for facility owners who would like to offer a free event to their staff or membership. Please get in touch to discuss options.